Tell Us Your Story

You can visit to record your video. For more information, please see below.

What you will need:
You will require a web/phone/video camera to record your video. Access to YouTube (through the creation of your own account) is also required; you will need a place to upload your video after recording it. You can also log in to YouTube using your Google account!

Tips for making a video people will watch:
When you record your video, please make sure you are not sitting in front of a light source, like a window or lamp. If you are back-lit, your face will not be visible.

Speaking from your heart is wonderful, but don’t be afraid to make a few notes of what you would like to say before recording your video. Try to record in a quiet place so your voice isn’t drowned out by background noise.

When you upload:
Make sure that the title of your video includes the phrase “Cover Me WSIB”. Properly titling your video will ensure it is flagged as part of the campaign. When you write a description for your video, feel free to add as much detail about your situation as you would like; including a larger description for your video will allow others in a similar situation to easily find your video when searching keywords.

A note on accessibility:
Taking time to transcribe your video will enable deaf individuals and those who are hard of hearing to view your video (with captions). Please consider taking the extra time to do this.

That’s it! After you’ve posted your video, feel free to send us a link using this form. We look forward to hearing from you!