Expand Healthcare Coverage to All Ontario Workers

The WSIB covers all your health-related costs including medication, physio and vocational rehab to help you to get back to work safely. The WSIB is employer-funded. The costs of injuries are paid by WSIB meaning injury costs are not carried by workers or public. We believe that everyone should be covered. Let's amend the WSIA to expand coverage for all workers and keep Ontario safe.

Compulsory WSIB Coverage in Construction


Policy Conditions Surrounding Compulsory
Workplace Safety and Insurance Coverage in Ontario’s Construction Sector

Making Ontario a Safer Place to Work

Funding and Safety Outcomes of Ontario's Health and Safety Associations

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Operational Review Report

Learn about the independent review of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and the recommended operational, legislative and regulatory changes to help maintain its financial sustainability and better support and protect workers, their families and Ontario businesses.