WSIB Coverage Economist Report – 2019

A study was complied by Perspicacity Intelligence & Analytics to review they impacts of WSIA coverage expansion in Ontario. Roughly 24% of workers in Ontario are not covered by WSIB. That leaves approximately 1, 678,000 workers in Ontario with no protection in the event of a workplace illness or injury. If expansion of WSIB coverage occurred in Ontario, nearly 1.7 million workers would be covered, which would add $59.2 million towards WSIB legislative requirements and $162.6 million to WSIB administration overhead.

Coverage expansion could also result in savings to health care (OHIP) costs of the tax-paying pubic. This could mean a $128.5 million offset for OHIP cost relief – OHIP costs would be paid by WSIB as part of the employer assessments resulting in tax relief.

To read the full economist report, click on the link below.

The WSIB should cover everyone!